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Hey there! This website is in its infancy, however a few basics can be laid out.

I'm an East Bay based Techno-Wizard who is constantly striving to make difficult dilemmas conquered solutions, day in day out.

I fly, dive, drive, jump off cliffs, and shoot. Constantly. I'm writing this quickly so I can head off prep for a trip to film in the desert this 4th of July weekend.

For customers, friends, science, documentation, and myself.

Are you an IT customer?

Please call before you read anything else, as I pride myself on my responsive service.


I provide high quality white glove services for a number of customers in the Tri-Valley area. For over 15 years my expertise has been on call for a wide variety of users, Engineers, Designers, Editor of the SF Chronicle, CEO's, CFO's, USGS, FEMA, USAF Auxiliary, and many other organizations...though NASA was probably the most fun, and I've got some ludicrous photos to prove it!

Additonally a Copilot and Aerial Photographer for over 7 years, Vail Videographer and Sugar Bowl Tech Magician, I've been a number of places. Call me and let's discuss whatever kind of project you have...